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Coronavirus Prevention Practices

UPDATED 8.26.2020

Ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy environment for those who live and work at our properties is our greatest concern, particularly for the residents living in our senior living properties.

StuartCo continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and would like to share the following with you about our efforts. The coronavirus situation is a dynamic one.  We remain committed to updating our precautions as appropriate to minimize the spread of the virus – and to updating our communications regarding our response on this page.

Our Response: StuartCo continues to follow recommendations from the CDC, state and local health departments, and from our highly qualified and experienced operational and clinical teams.

Our leadership teams are in regular communication discussing operational procedures so that we may stay on top of any new developments and prepare accordingly. We wish to offer our residents and families the most autonomy possible while ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents and team members. We have engineered new systems to monitor our ability to respond to COVID-19. The new facility readiness focuses on objective operational metrics, including:

  • No active COVID-19 cases in the community for 28 days. 
  • Access to testing and testing results within 72 hours. 
  • An adequate cache of PPE to support an outbreak of COVID-19. 
  • Adequate staffing. 
  • A seven-day trend of no change or declining new cases in Ramsey County.  

Provided the aforementioned criteria Essential Caregivers may be designated and appointments allowed, the salon will open for residents and the dining room will open for lunch with certain restrictions. 

If the readiness level is changed residents, family and staff will be notified and the proper precautions will be taken to maintain the safety and wellbeing of residents and team members.

Only essential health care workers and designated Essential Caregivers are allowed provided an appropriate readiness level; all other visitors are not allowed.

  • We recognize the critical role of informal caregiving in the care and support of the resident. Certain individuals can be designated as an Essential Caregiver by the Director of Nursing or Director.  
  • If you desire to be designated as an essential caregiver, we will request you e-mail wellingtoncovidinfo@stuartco.com and include your name, telephone number, and a description of the care provided to the resident before the Pandemic.  A determination will be made conditional on the resident’s assessment, the current plan of care considering any change, informal care provided prior to the Pandemic, and the resident’s agreement.
    • At this time appointments for Essential Caregivers will;
      • not exceed 90 minutes,
      • may be limited based on need and remain at the discretion of Management,
      • will be limited to no more than 4 in the building at any one time,
      • will be scheduled in advance,
      • hours will be 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday through Friday and 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. 
    • Designated Essential Caregivers who are allowed to enter the community will be required to;
      • participate in active screening,
      • complete frequent hand hygiene,
      • wear a facemask and eye protection while in the building, 
      • complete training regarding the proper use of PPE, 
      • can purchase the proper and required PPE from the Wellington in a reusable kit to be stored on site for $10 per PPE kit,
      • agree that access will be limited to the resident’s room/apartment or approved designated area only – no exceptions will be made,
      • and maintain physical distancing of six feet, limit all physical contact with residents and others, and complete hand hygiene frequently while in the building.
  • Essential Health Care Workers entering our communities will be screened for symptoms and COVID-19 risk using our Wellness Screening Tool at each visit.
  • Essential Health Care Workers will be required to wear a mask and eye protection or leave the location if they exhibit symptoms.
  • Essential Health Care Workers who are sick or have known exposure to COVID-19 are not allowed to visit.
  • If residents receive services from private duty or agency-based caregivers, we are asking those providers to ensure that they are following the latest infection control guidelines and provide StuartCo copies of their interim policies and procedures.
  • Additional procedures for screening at the time of admission (for residents) or upon hire (for employees) are in place, including inquiries about international travel.
  • We are working to proactively increase supplies.
  • We are adding supplemental education and resources for employees.

This is a challenging time as coronavirus dominates the news and continues to spread. We are operating out of an abundance of caution in all that we do, and the precautions in place now – and actions that may be needed later – are well thought out and supported by an evidence-based approach.

We are committed to ongoing communication with residents, family members, and employees and are sharing relevant updates to coronavirus prevention practices as they become available.

For immediate questions or concerns please contact wellingtoncovidinfo@stuartco.com